Couples Evening League

2024 Couples Evening League Information

Lake Shawnee Couples League is open to any and all players and their significant other.

Play is held every 2nd Friday of each month starting in May. There are different formates and flighting each month to allow all couples the chance to win. Payouts each round will be paid in “Golf Shop Credit” available the following day and must be spend by the end of the current year.

We will host an end of year dinner following the final round on.

Interested in joining the league? Follow these steps.

  • Join the league roster. Click here      **LEAGUE IS FULL**
  • Complete sign up for you and your significant other.
  • Sign up for the round you and your significant other wish to participate in.
  • Show up 20-30mins before the starting time to check in.
  • Meet your pairing for the round.
  • Have fun!


May 10th – 2 Person Shamble

  1. Both players will hit their tee shot.
  2. Couple will choose the best tee shot.
  3. Couple will then play their own ball from there until the hole is completed.
  4. Couple will record (1) lowest score between the couple.

June 14th – 2 Person Nassau

  1. Holes 1-3 (Alternate Shot) Holes 4-6 (Scramble) Holes 7-9 (Best Ball)

July 12th – 2 Couples Vegas Scramble (4-person team)

  1. Team will be given a dice to roll after all the players tee off.
  2. Players will be numbered 1 through 4.
  3. If a 1 through 4 is rolled you will have to use that person’s drive.
  4. If a 5 is rolled you have to use the worst drive.
  5. If a 6 is rolled you have to use the best drive.

August 9th – Couples Combo

  1. 4 person teams (2 couples) alternate playing a Scramble and Alternate Shot
  2. Couple A will play Scramble on Odd Holes while Couple B will play Alternate Shot
  3. Couple B will play Alternate Shot on Even Holes while Couple A will play Scramble
    1. Combine both team scores for the hole total.

September 13th – Couples Scramble (2 couples = 4 player team)

October 11th –  Alternate Shot


$10.60 a couple for monthly flighted payouts

All Ladies Gold Tees

Men (40-) Blue Tees

Men (64-41) play White Tees

Men (65-69) Play Red Tees 

Men (70+) play Gold Tees

For more questions or additional details,

Please visit our Couples Evening League Event Portal.

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4141 Southeast East Edge Road
Topeka, Kansas 66609