Men’s Club

Men’s Club

League Description

The Men’s Club is a golf league that plays on Wednesdays from March 11th – October 28th with the option to play 9 or 18 holes. Play is conducted from the white or red tees (70+) based on which division the player selected on application.

League Dues*

Membership Fees  $25.00
GHIN Handicap Fees (optional but suggested) $26.00
Hole-In-One Club (optional) $10.00


Membership Fees – $25.00

Your membership fees include; membership to the Men’s Club, ability to enter into the weekly games, Horserace’s, the Men’s Club Championship and have the ability to book tee times 7 days in advance for Wednesdays.

GHIN Handicap Fees (Optional but highly suggested) – $26.00

The GHIN Handicap is used for weekly Men’s Club events.  The league will also use handicaps for the Club Championship. Players will post their own scores into GHIN.

Hole-In-One Club (Optional) – $10.00

Any Men’s Club member(s) who scores an ace during any Men’s Club event, including tournaments, will split the pot at the end of the year; providing that golfer has paid the HIO fee before the ace has been recorded.

The following rules will apply.

  • The hole-in-one must be attested by at least one other Men’s Club member playing with the acer.
  • The ace must have occurred during the weekly events or league tournaments.
  • Ace must have occurred on 1st tee shot attempt. (No mulligan’s or redo’s)
  • The hole-in-one must be a completed 9 or 18-hole round done in hole order based on scheduled starting hole.
  • The official scorecard must be turned into the golf shop with players names, all signatures, and date immediately after the designated round for review.
  • Members must pay the fee each year if they wish to participate before hole-in-one occurs.

If a HIO is not recorded in the season, the pot will roll over to the next year HIO Club. There is a total of $0.00 carried over to 2020 season due to 3 hole-in-ones recorded by John Anderson (#15), Joe Rose (#14), and Ralph Haug (#13).



  •  2 Separate Divisions – White Tees OR Red Tees (must be 70+). Player will decide on application which division he will be playing in and will continue to play from that division all season; including club championship.
  • Players will post their own scores into GHIN after the completion of their round. NEW for 2020 the new World Golf Handicap System recommends scores to be entered hole-by-hole and handicap will update every day.
  • Food Night (small fee may apply).

Tee Times

Members will be allowed to book tee times 1 week in advance for Wednesdays Men’s Club.  The league is an all day league allowing club members to book tee times throughout the entire day.  Starting at 3:30 PM the golf course will allow access to both front-9 & back-9. Groups wishing to play more than 9 holes will need a second nine turn time when tee time is made after 1:30 pm.

Golfers new to the Men’s Club who need help finding a group or meeting new people should see Scott Mellen, PGA Head Professional or pro shop staff.

 Checking In

Members must first check-in at pro shop counter to pay appropriate daily fees (i.e. green fees and cart fees). At this time players will have the option to sign up at the league box for the $3 weekly event. Players who choose to play in the weekly event must specify which 9-holes they plan to compete on before teeing off (This cannot be changed once play has begun).  If you play 18-holes you can pick both front-9 and back-9 and pay $6.

Weekly Events

Weekly events will be Stroke Play competitions. Flighting of events will be determined by the number of Men’s Club members who enter the event within their division. Pay $3 for one nine or $6 to play both nines and checking the necessary boxes.

Each Division (white tee & red tee) will be broken down into flights and places based on the number of players competing in the weekly game. The payouts will be the same in each flight within their Division.


For more info and weekly results visit


All golf shop credits earned from league play events must be spent on golf shop merchandise by December 31, 2020. Credits may be spent at any Shawnee County operated golf shop.



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