Private Instruction

Start today and begin learning the game of a lifetime. Our affordable instruction programs are designed to provide a relaxed, fun, and informative learning environment.

Private instruction is valuable for all skill levels and our professional staff will dedicate their time developing your game and helping achieve your goals. Please contact the Lake Shawnee Pro-Shop @ 785-251-6840 to book a private instructional appointment.

Scott Mellen, PGA
Head Golf Professional
Pricing available on request.

Patrick Shaw, PGA
Lead Assistant Professional 

Individual Lessons:

Individual Lesson (50-minutes) $60
Individual Lesson (30-minutes) $40
Package of 4 Lessons $220
9-Hole Playing Lesson (2 hour max) $70

 Semi-Private Lessons:

Semi-Private Lesson (2-Students) $95
 Package of 4 Lessons $360
Semi-Private Lessons (3-Students) $105
 Package of 4 Lessons $400
9-Hole Playing Lesson (2 hour max) $55

Junior Lessons (40-45 minutes):

Individual Lesson $45
 Package of 4 Lessons $160
Semi-Private Lessons (2-Students) $65
 Package of 4 Lessons $240
Semi-Private Lessons (3-Students) $75
 Package of 4 Lessons $280

Davis Atteberry, PGA Apprentice, TPI
Assistant Golf Professional
Titleist Performance Institute Certified

Fill the form out below if interested in lessons with Davis!

All lessons with Davis will come with 24/7 access to the TPI Mobile App where you will find your custom drills for improvement. You will be able to access videos and instructions on what you are to be working on after your lesson so that way you are able to practice with confidence after your lesson. Access to the TPI App will expire 30 days after lesson. Ask about options to keep access.

Individual Lesson – Private

1 Hour Lesson – $75

Five 1 Hour Lessons – $350 (Must use within 3 months of purchase)

Ten 1 Hour Lessons – $650 (Must use within 8 months of purchase)

Group Lesson – Private

1 Hour Lesson (2 Students) – $125 (Add $50 per extra student)

Five 1 Hour Lessons (2 Students) – $500 (Must use within 3 months of purchase)

On Course Strategy Sessions

9 Holes – $100 (2 hours)

18 Holes – $200 (4 hours)

Monthly Body Preps:

Better Movement On and Off the Course


 -One In person or Virtual Movement Evaluation (60-90 Minutes)

-4 Week Customized Body Prep Program

-Begin creating a better relationship between yourself and your body. Improve mobility, stability, and flexibility and learn how your body movements relate to your golf swing.

-24/7 Access to the TPI App to access all drills and instructions.


Supervised Practices:

Adult Group Sessions and Junior Group Sessions (Invite Only)

-1.5 Hour Practice Sessions – $50/per

-How do I get an invite? You must have had at least one private session with me in the last 6 months and have had one goal setting session to determine what it is you are working towards.

-What is it? Supervised group practices are for learning how to practice more effective and while gaining confidence in our practice abilities. In my experience the solution is not always another 1-on-1 lesson and instead more practice over the current material. Having others by your side also working on progressing there game helps create a positive learning environment. We learn that everything has a process and when we understand what our process is it will lead to more fun and enjoyable progressions. Having a set of eyes on you while you practice can help assure proper practice techniques down the road when you are on your own. 

When? Contact Davis to find out when the next supervised group practice will be.

Fill out the JotForm above for future information on junior and adult clinics, future Supervised Practice dates, and other special events and programs.



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