Club Repair Fees

For more information please contact Scott Mellen, PGA at [email protected]


Reshaft Service $25.00*
Reshaft Service w/bore-thru $30.00*
Shaft Install into Adaptor $10.00*

*Cost is for service only. Rate is based on a per club charge. Please add the price of your selected shaft and grips to this charge.
A 20% discount will be applied to the service of reshafting 6 or more clubs.

Regrip Service – (per club) $3.00*
Bubble Shafts – (per club) $5.00*

*Cost is for service only. Grip additional.

Shorten Club $ 5.00*
Lenghten Club $ 9.00*
Remove Broken Shaft $10.00
Tighten Loose Head $25.00

*Cost is for service only. Grip additional.

Change Loft/Lie – (per club) $10.00*
Change Loft/Lie – (6 or more) $40.00*
Paint Fill – (per club) $ 8.00
Paint Fill – (4 or more) $30.00

*Golf clubs are cast or forged from a variety of metals. Clubs may be cast from stainless steel known by their composition names of 431, 17-4, or 15-5. These numbers refer to the hardness of each metal. Forged clubs are produced from a softer metal known as carbon steel. Clubs may also be made from more exotic metals such as beryllium copper, nickel, similar types of material. Each individual club may have its own unique properties even though it will be cast form one of the above materials. Because of this, as a golf club is altered for loft and/or lie, there is a chance that the head may break unexpectedly. This may happen regardless of the type of machine being used or the experience of the person doing the bending. As a result, there can be no warranty stated or implied that a golf club being bent will be guaranteed against breakage. The person bending the clubs will practice common and tested bending practicing at all times. The amount of bending to be done will be clearly stated. But, in the event of metal failure from the golf club, the facility and person altering the clubs cannot be held liable and responsible for any head breakage. No remuneration to the club owner or replacement of club head(s) is implied due to breakage. This is strictly due to the nature of the golf head manufacturing process and is no reflection upon skills of the person bending the clubs.



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