Santa Fe League

Officers 2023


Past Presidents

Curtis Harding (1987-1996)

Don Mew (1997)

Ron Lewis (1998-2005)

Don Brentlinger (2006)

Bill Buch (2007-2009)

Manny Cano (2010-2011)

Charlie Starkebaum (2012-2013)

Dan Olberding (2014-2015)

Keith Moeller (2016-2017)



Dennis McKinzie (2018-2023)

Vice President

Jerry Renchler


Dean Loreg

Open Tournament

   Chairperson – Don Tanking

Club Tournament

    Chairperson – Hal Parker

Weekly Event

    Administrator– Lake Shawnee Personnel

Food Committee:

    Rosie Dew (chair)

Isabelle Hosey                                                         

Callers: Evelyn Best

Phyllis Buch

Kay Gunn

Dorothy Henry

Ronna Sears

Jerry Seedig

Membership and Play Rules

Members must be a retired employee and/or spouse of the ATSF RY. Co, ATSF Employees Benefit Assoc., ATSF Memorial Hospitals Inc., Santa Fe Industries, Santa Fe Pacific Inc., Burlington Northern Santa Fe Inc., or any person who has been employed by any of the afore mentioned companies and receives RRB benefits shall be eligible for membership on payment of annual membership dues and be a member of the Topeka Santa Fe Retired Employees Club.
  • Play Shall be each Thursday unless a Holiday falls on Thursday.
  • Play front 9 if possible.
  • if back 9 is played, score will be recorded under front 9 rules.
  • if 18 holes are played, only front 9 score will be used for the event.
  • Men use white tees, ladies use golf tees, forward tees can be used if needed.
  • Annual Dues are $10.00 and Weekly play fee is $1.00
  • Deposit your weekly fee and sign the “sign in” sheet in the pro shop.
  • Print first and last names clearly on the scorecard.
  • Place scorecard in the same slot that you placed your weekly play fee.
  • Scorecards must be turned in on the day played.
  • Green fees and cart fees are to be paid to the pro shop.
  • Mulligan on 1st tee is permitted and 1 club length improvement is permitted except out of a sand trap.

Weekly Event Description

Scratch: Regular Play. Keep individual score.

Retied System: Keep individual score. Weekly administrator will eliminate 2 highest scores.
2-Person Blind Draw: Keep individual score. Weekly administrator will develop the blind draw.
4-Person Blind Draw: Keep individual score. Weekly administrator will develop the blind draw.

2023 Schedule of Events


Mar.       30        First Day of Play (Scratch Play)

Apr.       6        Retired System

Apr.     13        2-Person Blind Draw

Apr.     20        Scratch Play

Apr.     27        4 Person Blind Draw

May       1        Open Tournament (4-Person Scramble) 8am

May       4        2-Person Blind Draw

May     11        Club Tournament (8am)

May     18        Scratch Play

May     25        4 Person Blind Draw

Jun.        1        Retired System

Jun.        8        2-Person Blind Draw

Jun.      12        Open Tournament (4-Person Scramble) 8am

Jun.      15        Retired System

Jun.      22        Club Tournament (8am)

Jun.      29        Scratch Play

Jul.         6        4 Person Blind Draw

Jul.        10         Open Tournament (4-Person Scramble) 8am

Jul.       13        Retired System

Jul.       20        Club Tournament (8am)

Jul.       27        Scratch Play

Aug.       3        4-Person Blind Draw

Aug.     10         Retired System         

Aug.     14         Open Tournament (4-Person Scramble) 8am     

Aug.     17        2-Person Blind Draw

Aug.     24        Club Tournament (8am)

Aug.     31        Scratch Play

Sept.       7      CLOSED FOR AREATION – NO PLAY

Sept.    11        Open Tournament (4-Person Scramble) 9am

Sept.    14        Retired System

Sept.     21         2-Person Blind Draw

Sept.    28        Final BASH & Club Tournament 9am

Oct.        2        Open Chili Tournament (4-Person Scramble) 9am

Tournament Description

Club Tournament:
Tournaments will be “Shotgun Start” at 8:00am expect for the September tournament, which will be 9:00am. Players must sign in prior to 15 minutes before start time. Players will be paced on a team of 4 or 5 players depending on participation.
A Player = Low Handicap
B Player = Mid-Low Handicap
C Player = Mid Handicap
D Player = Mid-High Handicap
E Player = High Handicap
Open Tournament:
4-Person Scramble. Keep one team score. Each person tees off, selects the best ball, each player hits from that location and repeat to the hole.
Contact Lake Shawnee Pro Shop for more information (785) 251- 6840.



(785) 251-6840



4141 Southeast East Edge Road
Topeka, Kansas 66609